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San Diego Construction Lawyer

The Andrews Law Group, focuses on all aspects of construction law. Mr. Andrews provides legal assistance to clients in San Diego and throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura, and Imperial counties. He is a former licensed contractor and an experienced trial attorney with decades of experience in the construction industry. Mr. Andrews provides a wide array of legal services including:
  • Contracts
  • Foreclosure Defense, Loan Work-Outs, Loan Modification, Short Sales, Quiet Title Litigation
  • Insurance defense
  • Mechanic’s Lien Law and Enforcement
  • Litigation
  • Loan modification
  • Real estate

Brian Andrews represents clients from most sectors of the construction industry:

  •     Contractors
  •     Homeowners
  •     Developers
  •     Material suppliers
  •     Equipment suppliers
  •     Bond sureties
  •     Insurers

Construction lawyer in San Diego protects client interests
San Diego construction attorney, Brian Andrews, is well-versed in both private and public construction law, including:

  •     Contract drafting and litigation
  •     Mechanic’s lien claims
  •     Stop notice claims
  •     Payment bond claims
  •     Licensing issues

Mr. Andrews represents clients in real estate disputes and also provides assistance in collecting unpaid construction and other business accounts. An attorney with a decade of trial and appellate experience, he can assist you or your firm with any business litigation matter, and does not limit his litigation to construction cases.

Providing defense and dispute resolution
The Andrews Law Group defends homeowners facing foreclosure due to fraud or unethical practices of lenders, banks, and brokers. As a San Diego construction lawyer, Mr. Andrews defends contractors through their insurance carriers, as well as prosecutes claims of construction defects against unlicensed and/or negligent contractors.

While Mr. Andrews is fully prepared to litigate construction disputes in state and federal courts for his clients, he can also offer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. As an experienced mediator/arbitrator who has presided over dozens of ADR proceedings, Mr. Andrews can help resolve issues as an alternative to litigation. Through ADR you may be able to resolve disputes in an efficient, cost-effective, and expedient manner and avoid costly litigation.

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Experienced construction lawyers in San Diego are well-versed in all aspects of California construction law. From contract bidding, negotiation, and preparation to surety issues, and construction claims and litigation, Mr. Andrews has the skills to protect his clients’ rights and interests. Contact The Andrews Law Group online or call toll free at 877-548-3156 today and schedule a consultation.